Orange  beaded African coil bracelets
Orange  beaded African coil bracelets
Orange  beaded African coil bangle

Orange beaded African coil bangle

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It's time to shine again. Ladies' wrist bracelets made of pure Maasai beads ideal for any outfit.Comfortable and easy to clean with fading away. You never feel uneasy. Made of high-quality Maasai small beads to last long and give you more confidence around people. Perfect fit for any size of the hand. Beaded jewelry is not just decorative, but a vital aspect of Maasai culture. Jewelry is made and worn to indicate age and social status as well as to mark important events. One of the most striking aspects of the jewelry is the variety of colors. Each color has a specific meaning, usually, one associated with the cattle who sustain and provide nourishment for the Maasai. Blue-Symbolizes sustenance, energy, and the bright blue sky which provides water for the people and their cattle. Red-Represents bravery and strength, but also the blood of the cattle which are slaughtered for sustenance and during celebrations. Green-Symbolizes health as well as the earth’s land, which grows food for the cattle who sustain the Maasai. Orange-Denotes warmth, friendship, and hospitality. It’s a tradition for guests to be welcomed to the home with an orange-colored gourd of milk. Yellow– Symbolizes fertility, health, and growth. Also, the sun, which helps grow the grass that feeds the Maasai’s cows and nourishes life. White-Represents purity and health, the latter being associated with cow’s milk, which provides nourishment. Black– Symbolizes unity and solidarity. It also denotes the struggles the Maasai endure, which bring them together as a people. Materials: African Masai Beads, Spring Wire