The story of being love with myself

I started this blog as a promise to myself

A promise to go on all the adventures I had always dreamed of, even if it meant squeezing in trips here and there with my limited vacation days. But between the time that I hit “publish” on my first blog post and the present moment, I’ve realized an even better way to live out my dreams of balancing travel with a “normal” life.

I am a travel Vlogger and photographer from India residng in Nairobi Kenya.My Vlog is all about what I saw and felt in the unknown, stories I heard from people, some incredible moments I experienced while travelling! Firstly, thank you so much :) It feels so good to see you here and there is so much I want to tell you about me. I was born and raised in a small town in India, and never had exposure to travelling. It all changed from my first visit to the lush green mountains of westerns Ghats, the Nilgiris, in 2006 . Amidst the calm serene valleys, fresh air, golden rays of sun and misty mountains, I felt HOME. I realised that there is so much more to see in this beautiful world. From then, the expedition began! Now, travelling is an inseparable part of my life. I find happiness in chasing sunrises, hiking the mountains, camping below the stars and experiencing the local culture. My feel-good factors are a ride through the mountains, running on the beach sand for bidding bye to the last rays of the day. Apart from the exciting journey, travelling has also taught me to accept and admire the differences and to create bond and memories of a lifetime.

“We’re not rich. We just make travel a priority.”

Why I Travel ?

I believe that travel is so much more than simply seeing the sights – that travel, and the things you learn from it, can really change your life. I travel to grow as a person, to meet others who inspire and educate me and to (hopefully!) do the same in return, to have my life enriched by the beauty and diversity of this amazing world and to have my eyes, mind and heart opened wide. I travel to make the most of my time on earth, to make every day count, instead of counting down the days till the weekend or to a 2 week vacation – because life is simply too short for me to live it any other way! But most of all I travel for freedom – to live life on my terms, to be in charge of my own destiny, to give myself the biggest luxury – Time. Time to pursue my passions, dreams and ambitions instead of spending the best years of life day dreaming out of a rain streaked window working all day for someone else’s dreams.

What you can expect from us

Inspiring people to travel is our passion, so The Amazing Africa travel blog was created to share our real experiences and travel tips from destinations that we visit. We did not create this space to give you the illusion that our lives are perfect, because they aren’t…however travelling long-term is possible. We’ll often live like locals, work and/or volunteer in countries around the world to make it happen. We’re still exploring budget-savvy ways to travel, with a slice of luxury every now and then, while achieving bucket list goals and learning to balance a work + travel lifestyle. The reason we document everything is because we believe our knowledge and experience is too valuable to keep to ourselves, so we do hope our little space on the internet inspires you to see world!

“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”

just to explore and see what I find!


My Travel Style

Although I am self confessed travel addict I do not travel just to rush between the famous touristy sights ticking off a bucket list – I don’t find this kind of travel fulfilling. I like to travel slow, to experience, understand and immerse myself in different cultures and to learn from them. Instead of days I often spend a week or so (sometimes even months) soaking up everything a destination has to offer, meeting the locals, chilling out and looking beyond the tourists traps to get a real feel for the place – maybe wandering to explore and find little surprises off the beaten path or exploring the countryside on a motorbike without any real plan or destination in mind . I like to travel on one way tickets whenever possible, I prefer not too plan to much but to be spontaneous and open to allow time for those chance meetings and random events that only happen when you take it slow and usually end up being the highlight of a trip.

Travel has been life changing But more important than the sights I’ve seen, is the change that has occurred in me. I know it sounds cliché but it’s true – travel really has changed my life! Travel has made me happier, less stressed and more confident, I’ve learned new skills, made more friends that I can count and most importantly of all I learned that the world is not a scary place, that people all over are inherently kind and I am constantly overwhelmed at the kindness of strangers. And I’m only just getting started! The more I see the longer my bucket list grows and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!